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New client – Simon Bestwick

Simon Bestwick and Sharon Ring sign author/agent contract.

Leeds, UK, January 12th 2012 – Simon Bestwick signed a contract on this date with Sharon Ring, who is now acting as Mr Bestwick’s agent.

 Simon Bestwick’s second novel, The Faceless, has just been published by Solaris, who describe it as “[truly evoking] the terror of films such as The Orphanage and the writing of James Herbert, Adam Nevill and M R James.”

Of his first, Tide Of Souls, the Daily Telegraph said: ‘Simon Bestwick writes with great imaginative flair and an excellent grasp of colour and narrative pace.’  He has also published two short story collections, A Hazy Shade Of Winter and Pictures Of The Dark, and a chapbook, Angels Of The Silences. His work has been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award and two of his short stories, ‘Dermot’ and ‘The Moraine’, will appear in Best Horror Of The Year #4.

Simon Bestwick said, ‘I’m absolutely delighted with this. I’m at a point now, as a writer, where I feel an agent is essential to help navigate the publishing landscape and to give the books I want to write the best possible chance of seeing publication. I can’t think of a better guide in this than Sharon, who has a fine understanding of both quality fiction and the publishing industry. I’m sure this will be a fruitful partnership for us both.’

Sharon Ring said, ‘I’ve been watching Simon’s progress as an author with great interest over the past year. He’s hard-working, talented, and determined to succeed as a writer of horror fiction. I’m looking forward to what the future holds in store for this partnership.’

Simon’s blog can be found at

All enquiries regarding this deal should be directed to Sharon Ring:



New deal for Gareth L Powell

Anarchy Books Press Release

© Anarchy Books 2011

It is with great pleasure Anarchy Books would like to announce the acquisition of digital rights to not one, but TWO works of SF by the wonderfully talented Gareth L. Powell, author of fabulous SF novel THE RECOLLECTION (published by Solaris Books), Guest of Honour at 2012’s BristolCon and regular contributor to a host of anthologies including Shine, Conflicts, Further Conflicts, 2020 Visions, Future Bristol, Dark Spires, Illuminations and The Sixty.

First we have an incredible collection of SF short stories entitled The Last Reef containing everything from alien insect invasions to high-octane roller-coaster rides packing enough concepts and inventions to make any lesser SF author weep!

Second, we have Silversands, set in an age when interstellar travel is dangerous and unpredictable, and communications officer Avril Bradley is sent to re-contact lost souls… After an explosion, she is left stranded in a world of retired cops, political intrigue, digital ghosts and corporate assassins, fighting for possession of computer data that will allow them to reach out towards the stars…

Both novels will be available to download from Anarchy Books in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats during Q1 of 2012 for just £2.49.

© Gareth L Powell

Visit and for updates.

Anarchy Books is launched!

Author Andy Remic’s new digital publishing venture, Anarchy Books, has launched. Here’s the official press release from the man himself.

Are you feeling lucky, punk?


A fusion of writing, music, game and film

ANARCHY BOOKS is a radical new publishing company. Our focus is on multi-strand publishing projects, concepts which combine different media to present a wider experience for the entertainment junkie.

Our first project, SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED, is a thriller novel by Andy Remic, author of Spiral, Quake, Warhead, War Machine, Biohell, Hardcore, Cloneworld, Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers and Vampire Warlords, with the music album provided by th3 m1ss1ng (featuring Jon Bodan from Atlanta’s Halcyon Way) and short film shot and chopped by Grunge Films. The novel and album release 1st April 2011, with the SERIAL KILLERS INCORPORATED short film June 2011.

Following SKINC comes SF novel SIM by Andy Remic, SF/horror novel MONSTROCITY by Jeffrey Thomas, the anthology VIVISEPULTURE featuring such notable authors as Neal Asher, Lauren Beukes, Eric Brown, Ian Graham, Vincent Holland-Keen, James Lovegrove, George Mann, Gary McMahon, Stan Nicholls, Andy Remic, Jordan Reyne, Ian Sales, Stephen Saville, Wayne Simmons, Jeffrey Thomas, Danie Ware, Ian Watson, Ian Whates, Conrad Williams, and with artwork by Vincent Chong, then horror novel RAIN DOGS by Gary McMahon. Each “project” is a work in progress, and will ship with varying degrees of album, game and film components.

ANARCHY BOOKS is looking to collaborate with musicians, video game creators (any platform) and filmmakers. Please read our SUBMISSION guidelines.

Welcome to our little corner of ANARCHY…

Finally, there’s ANARCHY in the UK!

Congratulations to Andy and the Anarchy team. Congratulations also to Gary McMahon on having his first published novel, Rain Dogs (originally published by Humdrumming Press), republished with Anarchy Books later this year in spanking new digital format.


Coventry City Centre - Broadgate (as it looked in my childhood)

If you take a look at the above picture you’ll see a squat, black-roofed building sat between the two spires. That building was my childhood library, the place where I discovered Poe and James and where, just a year or two later, I discovered King, Barker, and Campbell. That building no longer exists; it was torn down and a shopping centre erected in its place. For many years, though, it was my weekend haven. As a pre-adolescent child my aunt would travel into town with me, walk me through the aisles and help me select several titles to take home and read during the week. As I grew a little older I was allowed to take those trips into town on my own. Let loose in a library at the age of eleven to start exploring the world of books for myself, I would frequently be late home and always up to the limit on the amount of books I could withdraw on each visit.

A love for libraries has remained with me throughout my entire life. As loves go, this one has been more true and constant than any other love in my life. Whenever I have moved home, one of my first tasks has always been to find the local library and get signed up. Libraries are the places where I discovered a passion for horror fiction; they helped me through exams, both at school and at university; and, as an awkward teenager, they provided me with a sense of belonging.

That sense of belonging has carried through into my adult life. If you look at the picture below you’ll see Ramsbottom Library, my current local library. It’s not the biggest library I’ve used, nor is it the most well-stocked (but hey, that’s what the Inter-Library Lending Service is there for), but it is far and away the most important community building in this small market town. It’s not just a library; it provides local information services, hosts reading groups (one of which is specifically designed to cater to blind and partially-sighted book lovers), has weekly reading and singing sessions for children and parents, it’s an Adult Learning Centre, it has an Art Gallery, it has an I.T. room. It probably has much more than that going on as well; this is just the stuff I know about.

Ramsbottom Library

Ramsbottom Library is one of the lucky ones. It’s not scheduled for closure, though I do know that cuts across the country mean its opening hours may change and one or two staff may find themselves working far less hours or not at all. Perhaps the reading groups will have to close, maybe the child and parent reading sessions will get the chop. Who knows?

What I do know is that I visited my local library this morning in order to write and upload this blog post. I used their (always) busy I.T. room to tweet about and share the link to this blog post on Facebook. I then went downstairs and handed in some non-fiction books I’ve finished reading. While at the desk I chatted with the staff about World Book Night (I’m one of the participants), making arrangements to donate some of the books to one of their reading groups. After that I’ll probably have nipped back into the main fiction area to stock up on titles, making the most of my book withdrawal limit.

What I also know is that across the country today thousands of people are taking part in protests against library closures: protests, events and readings to highlight ludicrous government cuts which strike at the heart of almost every county and its community spaces. These cuts can be fought as one story in my local paper proves. Some fights will be won, others lost; what’s most important is that people bother to fight them at all. Sitting back and allowing these cuts to happen, saying there was nothing you could do, is as bad as being in favour of them. Get up, get out the door, get to your local library, get a library card and use that card as often as you can. Prove to the government just how vital these spaces are to our communities.

Follow the links for more information and a far more eloquent explanation of the current situation from Philip Pullman and Paul Graham Raven.

Gareth L Powell signs as second client

I’m very pleased to announce a second client signing, with none other than science-fiction author Gareth L Powell. Read on for more details.

Gareth L Powell and Sharon Ring sign author/agent contract.

January 9th 2011 – Bristol and Manchester, UK

Gareth L Powell has signed up with Literary Agent Sharon Ring. Sharon Ring will act as agent in regard to five titles, Revenant Skies; Reclaiming The Dead; Silversands (originally published with Pendragon Press); The Last Reef (originally published with Elastic Press); The New Ships.

Gareth is rapidly gaining a reputation as a “strong new voice in epic science fiction” (Solaris). In addition to his previously published novel (Silversands) and collection (The Last Reef), Gareth has appeared in several anthologies, including including Shine (Solaris Books, 2010), Conflicts (NewCon Press, 2010), 2020 Visions (M-Brane, 2010), Dark Spires (Wizard’s Tower, 2010), and Future Bristol (Swimming Kangaroo, 2009). His short story Ack-Ack Macaque won the Interzone Readers’ Poll for best short story of 2007; and Solaris will publish his second novel The Recollection in September this year.

Gareth said, “With two novels and a collection under my belt, I’m glad to have someone with Sharon’s contacts and chutzpah to help me scout out the territory ahead. I expect this will be a successful and productive partnership for us both.”

Sharon said, “Gareth is an ideal writer to join forces with at this time. The more I read his work, the more I feel he is poised to have wider success in the science fiction community. He has a strong narrative voice; concise, direct and, above all, very human in the exploration of his chosen themes. I’m delighted to be forming this partnership.”

A full list of Gareth’s published work can be found at

All enquiries regarding this deal should be directed to Sharon Ring:

Pretty Little Dead Things – Guardian Review

Gary McMahon’s made it into the Guardian Review section! Keith Brooke reviewed Gary’s most recent release, Pretty Little Dead Things, published by Angry Robot Books, saying “this novel puts McMahon firmly in the front ranks of the new wave of British horror.

You can read the full review here.

The First Blog Post

I am absolutely delighted to be starting this blog with news about myself and Gary McMahon, one of the UK’s most outstanding talents in the field of horror fiction. Two press releases were sent out this evening; one very grown-up and formal document, and a second, more relaxed affair, which we both hope will raise eyebrows and chuckles in the genre community. Here’s the formal press release to fill you in on the news:

Gary McMahon and Sharon Ring sign author/agent contract.

Gary McMahon has signed up with Literary Agent Sharon Ring. Sharon Ring will act as agent in regard to two titles, The Quiet Room and Rain Dogs (previously published by Humdrumming Press).

Gary is widely acknowledged as a powerful, new talent in British horror fiction. He received a British Fantasy Society nomination in 2009 for his first novel, Rain Dogs, and his short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies, including The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror Vols. 19 & 20 (ed. by Stephen Jones). Tim Lebbon calls him a “bloody good writer indeed… heartfelt, talented, soulful… serious and mature.” Conrad Williams describes Gary as “a skilful writer… an able cartographer of these badlands.” With three novels already under his belt, plus three more titles scheduled for publication in 2011, Gary is set to reach a wider genre-loving audience.

Gary McMahon said, “I’m very excited about this new collaboration. Sharon is an ambitious, knowledgeable and proactive person, who believes strongly in both my work and her own abilities to make things happen. Her passion for dark literature, along with the contacts and know-how she has developed over the last couple of years, will hopefully place us in a good position to take things forward and bring my writing to an even wider audience.”

Sharon said, “I’ve been working toward taking on my first author as a literary agent for some time now. I wanted to make sure my first client was a perfect fit. An opportunity arose to work with Gary McMahon on two titles and I knew the time was right. Gary is one of the most talented horror fiction authors on the scene, breathtakingly astute in his vision of the modern world and the fears which lie at the heart of us all, and completely unafraid to venture into the darkest of territories. It’s a privilege to be working with him at this time in his career.”

A full list of Gary’s published work can be found at

All enquiries regarding this deal should be directed to Sharon Ring:

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